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Papaya parent & baby yoga


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About the Course

Papaya yoga

Papaya yoga is a ten-practice baby & parent yoga course that can be done at your own pace whenever it suits your Mini Boss. You can repeat the exercises several times, as there is no time limit on the course content. Perhaps mum can take a moment of rest while dad does yoga with baby?

Mums. Remember that everyone's body recovers from childbirth at a different rate. Do each exercise while listening to and respecting your body. If something does not feel right, skip it. Also, go gently in to the asanas, avoid too sudden and strong openings.After all, I'm in the same situation myself. At the time of the course, my youngest child is 3 months old. You can also always stop the video if necessary, for example to breastfeed in between, and continue to the end.

Dads: dads' bodies, minds and souls also need to calm down, and connect with the baby; after all, the birth of a child is a huge change for dads too. So this yoga practice is equally beneficial for you. The exercises are gentle and are also suitable for the iron-chicken baby.

The main guiding principles of Papaya yoga are relaxation and humour!

The exercises in this class focus on the moment of parent-baby connection, gentle body care and strengthening, and relaxation.

Thank you for doing yoga with your baby!

With love,


Your Instructor

Anni Oliveira

Anni Oliveira

Anni is a mother of three and a RYS-200 yoga instructor. The youngest of the children is Clara, born in December '23, who will lead this course for you together with her mother.

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